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triumvirate of mockery and sap [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
feel the mocklove

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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2005|10:15 am]
feel the mocklove

Jara: we're so good
Claira: we are.
Claira: Julie's the tame one!
Jara: tssssss
Julie: I have minions to do my evil bidding.
Jara: those BNF's from the SG fandom aren't what they used to be
Claira: true, true
Claira: so sad, Jara
Jara: yes
Claira: don't you dare say anything about bsg or I KILL YOU.
Jara: why?
Claira: because I said so.
Claira: omg my arm hurts so much.
Jara: why can't i talk about BSG?
Claira: they couldn't find my vein.
Claira: :(
Jara: *pats*
Jara: meep
Claira: and so they STABBED me.
Claira: not really.
Julie: She doesn't want you to point out that she's a BNF in BSG.
Claira: and the needles are massive.
Claira: thanks, Julie.
Claira: I'd done an awesome change of subject and you ruined it.
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Baby Jara [Jun. 8th, 2005|03:45 pm]
feel the mocklove

[15:42:46] naiadej: Hmm. I think all the S/J UST has now vanished fromt he half-naked Sam fic.
[15:43:10] ltcmdrjaradax: WHY?
[15:43:20] naiadej: I don't know!
[15:43:37] ltcmdrjaradax: :(
[15:43:43] ltcmdrjaradax: you make baby Jara cry
[15:43:57] naiadej: HAHAHAHAHA!
[15:44:00] naiadej: I want that on an icon.
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On a roll. [Jun. 6th, 2005|11:17 pm]
feel the mocklove

Claira: How does being crack_vanned work for somethign I put really no thought into?
Julie: Because...
Julie: YOU'RE A BNF.
Claira: there are not WORDS for how much I want to hurt you right now.
Julie: You HANDED that one to me.
Claira: There are also not words for how much I want to hurt myself.
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Feel the mock love. [Jun. 6th, 2005|10:16 pm]
feel the mocklove

Claira: have you read anythign I'd done lately?
Julie: I've read some of your BSG stuff. Is excellent.
Claira: are you just saying that?
Claira: *g*
Claira: ...
Claira: I have no answer to that.
Claira: you so totally win.
Julie: WHOO!
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Desperate times, DIY mock [May. 26th, 2005|01:27 pm]
feel the mocklove

Claira: Look at me, I'm so innocent and non-smutty.
Jara: Ha! I've completely corrupted you, you smutty BNF!
Claira: I'm not a BNF! JULIE!!!!
Julie: Children! Claira, it's clear that you're a BNF.
Jara: Julie, you're a BNF too.
Julie: Am not! Phbt! You better behave or there won't be smut.
Jara: How BNFy of you to threaten your followers with lack of fic.
Claira: Cool, does that mean I can threaten people by withholding fic?
Julie: Yes, it does.
Jara: Ha! See! Both of you are BNFs. *sniffs* I'm the only non successful mocker around here.
Julie: *pats*
Claira: *pats*
Jara: WOE!
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A one l lama is a priest... [Apr. 15th, 2005|10:32 pm]
feel the mocklove

[mood |amusedllama like]

Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: QoT says that when she thinks of me, she associates me with the "try me" icon
starslikedust84: HA. Excellent.
starslikedust84: which do you think of with me?
starslikedust84: with you, at the moment, I see the 'frak off' one.
starslikedust84: which amuses me no end.
starslikedust84: ;-)
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: ha!
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: hrm *thinks*
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: you're gonna kill me if i say the "snerk" one right?
starslikedust84: nup!
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: *giggles* that or the mocking you one
starslikedust84: *laugh*
starslikedust84: I like your 'suspended in silence' one
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: me too
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: *snuggles it*
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: that one you can share ;-)
starslikedust84: NO!
starslikedust84: I WANT THE TRY ME ONE.
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: dude, people associate it with me
starslikedust84: do I look like I care?
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: no
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: you look like a llama
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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2005|05:00 pm]
feel the mocklove

starslikedust84: we mock BECAUSE we love.
starslikedust84: and we love because we mock!
naiadej: It's very symbiotic.
naiadej: The mock and the love.
starslikedust84: It is.
starslikedust84: There's something deep there.
naiadej: Deeply disturbing.
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GREATNESS [Mar. 24th, 2005|04:17 pm]
feel the mocklove

starslikedust84: you know, I don't know why mocklove hasn't exploded.
starslikedust84: SO MUCH FUNNY.
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: dude, Julie, i'm not sure i can strip with these minors in here
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: because i'm lazy?
starslikedust84: minors?
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: you
starslikedust84: how am I a minor?
Lt Cmdr Jara Dax: i'm not stripping for you
starslikedust84: I cannot believe we are having this conversation
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(no subject) [Mar. 21st, 2005|05:00 pm]
feel the mocklove

[16:59:13] starslikedust84: sloane's spamming me fic
[16:59:15] starslikedust84: it's so hot.
[16:59:21] ltcmdrjaradax: :O
[16:59:42] ltcmdrjaradax: you are so smutty
[16:59:43] ltcmdrjaradax: omg
[16:59:55] ltcmdrjaradax: what have you don't to my non NC17 reading Claira?
[16:59:55] starslikedust84: there was no sex!
[16:59:57] starslikedust84: just omg hot.
[17:00:04] ltcmdrjaradax: lol
[17:00:12] starslikedust84: you corrupted me
[17:00:17] ltcmdrjaradax: wow
[17:00:21] starslikedust84: if I'm no fun anymore, it's your fault
[17:00:26] ltcmdrjaradax: i never thought i'd hear those words
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Drunken admissions [Mar. 11th, 2005|12:52 pm]
feel the mocklove

[12:49:45] starslikedust84: omg world spinning
[12:49:46] ltcmdrjaradax: i just realised something
[12:49:49] ltcmdrjaradax: that's not good
[12:49:52] starslikedust84: what?
[12:49:57] ltcmdrjaradax: *nails world down*
[12:50:16] starslikedust84: *blinks a lot*
[12:50:21] starslikedust84: god can't type
[12:50:25] ltcmdrjaradax: that as a mod to the list you should force your fic writing friends to join *g*
[12:50:28] ltcmdrjaradax: what's wrong?
[12:50:36] starslikedust84: nothing. at all.
[12:50:40] starslikedust84: yes. nothing.
[12:50:49] ltcmdrjaradax: *eyes* what did you drink?
[12:51:04] starslikedust84: holy shit, how did you know that?
[12:51:17] ltcmdrjaradax: you're not innocent and predictable
[12:51:49] starslikedust84: *laugh*
[12:51:51] starslikedust84: well, true.

[12:53:01] starslikedust84: I hate you.
[12:53:07] ltcmdrjaradax: sure you do
[12:53:12] starslikedust84: I would hate you more, I would, but I need food.
[12:53:22] ltcmdrjaradax: haven't you learned by now that you shouldn't talk to me while drunk?
[12:53:26] ltcmdrjaradax: sure, i need to go wash
[12:53:30] starslikedust84: I'm NOT DRUNK.
[12:53:37] ltcmdrjaradax: THE WORLD IS SPINNING
[12:53:39] starslikedust84: oh, god, I so am.
[12:53:47] ltcmdrjaradax: exactly
[12:53:49] starslikedust84: I hate cheap wine. I hate it.
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