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[16:59:13] starslikedust84: sloane's spamming me fic [16:59:15]… - triumvirate of mockery and sap [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
feel the mocklove

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[Mar. 21st, 2005|05:00 pm]
feel the mocklove


[16:59:13] starslikedust84: sloane's spamming me fic
[16:59:15] starslikedust84: it's so hot.
[16:59:21] ltcmdrjaradax: :O
[16:59:42] ltcmdrjaradax: you are so smutty
[16:59:43] ltcmdrjaradax: omg
[16:59:55] ltcmdrjaradax: what have you don't to my non NC17 reading Claira?
[16:59:55] starslikedust84: there was no sex!
[16:59:57] starslikedust84: just omg hot.
[17:00:04] ltcmdrjaradax: lol
[17:00:12] starslikedust84: you corrupted me
[17:00:17] ltcmdrjaradax: wow
[17:00:21] starslikedust84: if I'm no fun anymore, it's your fault
[17:00:26] ltcmdrjaradax: i never thought i'd hear those words